Dr. Vladimir (Vlad) Estivill-Castro

PhD Students

  • Mahdi Parsa
    • PhD Thesis "Parameterized Complexity Applied in Algorithmic Game Theory"(pdf)
  • Apichat Heednacram
    • PhD Thesis "The NP-Hardness of Covering Points with Lines, Paths and Tours and their Tractability with FPT-Algorithms"(pdf)
  • Joel Fenwick
    • PhD Thesis "Visibility-Preserving Movement of Teams --- Algorithms for Walking Minimal Paths" (pdf)
  • Artak Amirbekyan
    • PhD Thesis "Protocols and Data Structures for Knowledge Discovery on Distributed Private databases " (pdf)
  • Ahmed Hajyasien
    • PhD Thesis "Preserving Privacy in Association Rule Mining" (pdf)
  • Kyungmi (Joanne) Lee
    • PhD Thesis " Effective Approaches to Extract Features and Classify Echoes in Long Ultrasound Signals from Metal Shafts" (pdf)
  • Ickjai Lee
    • PhD Thesis "Multi-Purpose Boundary-Based Clustering on Proximity Graphs for Geographical Data Mining" (pdf)
  • Nathan Lovell
    • PhD Thesis "Machine Vision as the Primary Sensory Input for Mobile, Autonomous Robots" (pdf)
  • Rodolfo Torres-Velazquez
    • PhD Thesis "Design of Memetic Algorithms for Permutation Problems via Hybridization with Sorting" (pdf)
  • Jianhua Yang
    • PhD Thesis "Algorithmic Engineering of Clustering and Cluster Validity with Applications to Web Usage Mining" (pdf)

Student Resources